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Where's your next extended stay?

Absolutely Free. No Credit Cards, No Fees, No Obligations.


If you’re looking to increase your extended-stay business, partner with the best in the business – Extended Stayer.

By the numbers:

$13,000,000 and growing. The amount of gross room revenue we have sent to hotels in 1.5 short years of existence.

30,000 hotels. The number of affiliated hotels we have around the world of all types, shapes and sizes.

1,000 nights. The average number of room nights our customers request everyday.


Let us answer some of your questions:

Who is an “Extended Stayer” ?

An “extended stayer” is a person that needs to book a hotel room for more than 14 days. Typically business people doing business things in a business area.

How does it work?
It’s very simple. An extended-stayer requests a bid from hotels (like yours) and you provide them with one. They choose the one best fit for their needs and hopefully it’s yours.

Can other hotels see my bid?
No. Your bid is a secret. Only the client can see it.

Who pays who?
You own the customer. The customer communicates and pays you directly.

What does it cost my hotel?
Nothing. It’s a free service. We are a commission based agency.

How do we make our money?
We charge a 10% commission on the total room nights used.

How do I sign my hotel up?
Easy. Go to this link and fill out the form. You will be signed up for both Hotel Planner and Extended Stayer through this.

Extended Stayer is now a proud partner of Hotel Planner:



For advertising opportunities and exclusive hotel promotions please contact: Rpatel@extendedstayer.com for more information.

  • “Our trip was great! The hotel was wonderful, the staff was superb, and the help from your company was terrific! We will definitely keep you in mind for our next trip and will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Thank you for the great help and patience!”

    S.R., Layton, UT

  • “Everything was very straight forward, there were many timely responses that saved me a great deal of time. Thank you.”

    M.D., Palm Springs, CA

  • Everything worked out great. We are at the end of our season, but I will definitely use you in the future for my travels needs for 2007. The rates you gave were very competitive–better than ones that I get online or over the phone.

    V.V., Blacksburg, VA

  • “Your system is very friendly to the customer and understandable from the very first page. Thank you again for your program and system.”

    D.P., Rockford, IL

  • My name is Joey Tovar and I own a windmill construction company. I used Extended Stayer twice now for my employees- once in California and once in Texas. I can honestly say that I have saved hundreds of dollars by using Extended Stayer. We used to pay whatever expedia and hotels.com charged but with extended stayer hotels are knocking down their price by 20-30% off those rates because we stay months at a time.

    J.T., Colorado Springs, CO

Over 30,000 Partner Hotels Worldwide Including